Whole Home Automation | Kalamazoo & Jackson, MI

We simplify and unify controls for systems throughout your home with automation that makes your life easier and more enjoyable. Lighting that automatically adjusts to the time of day or your activity, a music system set to match your mood at the touch of a button, or a media center that surrounds you with amazing sights and sounds; it's all just part of what we do. We give you confidence in a security system that automatically protects your family and belongings when you're home -- and when you're not. Food preparation and entertaining becomes less frenetic and more enjoyable when the kitchen itself becomes your personal sous chef. Integrated Smart Technologies designs extensive integration of multiple systems throughout your home in a manner limited only by your imagination.

  • Rachel & Jimmy Howard (Detroit Red Wings, #35, Goaltender)

    "Integrated Smart Technologies provided us with superior service for our home technology needs. Troy and his staff were extremely professional, friendly, responsive and efficient. We highly recommend and would use them for our future home technology needs."
  • Multi-room Music

    Multi-room Music

    Set the mood, without ever leaving the couch. With an integrated music system by iST, you can play that old CD or stream all your favorites instantly from a playlist in one room or your entire home with the push of a button on a keypad, touchscreen, TV interface, or simply from a phone or tablet. Choose from SiriusXM, Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, Deezer, and many others to get the music right, every time -- whether relaxing, entertaining a houseful of guests, or enjoying the holidays.
  • Security


    Sophisticated security systems for your home are already automated, but putting yours under simplified, smart controls that integrate with all systems, including lighting, heating / cooling, media, and other systems is what Integrated Smart Technologies, Inc. excels at. With the push of one button on a keypad or your mobile device at night, you can lock all the doors, turn off all the lights or set them to nighttime levels, turn down the heat or air, closet the garage doors, arm the alarm system, and set interior motion sensors to recognize you're home and not call the police when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night or sneak to the kitchen.
  • Environmental Controls

    Environmental Controls

    Programming a thermostat for daytime and nighttime temperatures is one thing. Taking complete control of your home's adaptation to the environment is another that requires sophistication and integration, but in a way that's simple for you to use. This is what iST is great at; we can install a system that opens blinds in winter months to let in the sun, yet knows to close them on blazing, hot summer days. The system adjusts heating and cooling for when you're home or away, and can also be integrated with fire detection systems to turn off all HVAC controls to stop the spread of smoke if there is an alarm.
  • Interface


    When Integrated Smart Technologies, Inc. installs a control system to automate the functions in your home, there are several ways for you to operate everything; via a remote, keypad, TV display, touch screen, or from your mobile device. You can select a wall-mounted or portable touch screen with a built-in camera and video intercom to see who's at the front door when you're preparing dinner or home alone. You can also communicate with any other room that has a touchscreen. Further, simplicity is key; whether it's a touch screen, phone, tablet or TV, the control experience is the same, so you can easily use your new system and spend less time trying to figure it out as you go from room to room. Your home is automated, but you're still in control.