Kitchen Control | Kalamazoo & Jackson, MI

Move over Jones, hello Jetsons. The future is now with a kitchen that's automated to turn the lights up when you're preparing dinner, music on high as you rock through the recipes. The oven sends you a text message when the roast is done and kicks up the ice maker to "party mode", while the kitchen lights dim and music changes to something softer just before your dinner guests arrive. Later, motion sensors can even turn on the soft, under-cabinet lighting as you sneak in to slice off a piece of the roast for a midnight snack.  And to top off the night, the fridge can even let you know that you left the door ajar before you go to bed.

  • Lighting


    A home's kitchen is a work place and an entertainment space. iST can install simplified, one-touch buttons for lighting presets, such as "cooking" that turns on lights to bright over the island, sink, and oven; "dine" that turns off all unneeded lights and creates subdued lighting along the counter, under cabinets, and dining table; and "clean" to turn up all the lights after your guests leave, so you can pick up.
  • Appliance Communication

    Appliance Communication

    As you blankly stare into your refrigerator, do you ever talk to your kitchen appliances? Sure you do, such as "Is the broccoli still fresh?", "When will the oven finish preheating?", and "What do I want for dinner?". Okay, the fridge can't tell you what you want for dinner. However, iST can integrate smart appliances with their control systems so the refrigerator manages energy while you're away, but still keeps your broccoli fresh. Your system can even tell your fridge you're having a party, and it makes more ice. And the oven can also trigger the system to flash lights, make an audio announcement throughout your home, or send you a text to let you know when dinner's ready.
  • Video Intercom

    Video Intercom

    A touch screen with a camera can act as a video intercom, connecting with a door station so you can see who's at the front door and what the person wants without the visitor seeing you. If the visitor happens to be a friend, but you're busy baking, all you need to do is touch a button on the screen to let the friend inside. You might have to wipe the flour from your fingers off the screen, but that's a small price to pay for simplifying your life.