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Maybe just turning on the TV isn't enough; you want to go to the movies - without ever leaving your home.  Integrated Smart Technologies, Inc. can design a true home theater for you by first analyzing a room's acoustics to determine the best placement of seats and speakers, as well as sound treatment of the space; selecting the right audio & video equipment for amazing sound & picture; designing the decor to complete the look; and installing a comprehensive control system that allows you to simply press one-button on a remote, keypad, touch screen or mobile device to turn the system on, select the desired source, slowly lower the lights, and adjust the room's temp.  Heck, if you want, it can even start the popcorn machine while you're watching the previews.

  • Fun for the Whole Family

    Fun for the Whole Family

    Create a theater or media room that allows you to enjoy family night at the movies. In the comfort of your own home.
  • Décor


    If you want the full theater experience in your home, we can go well beyond automatic electronic controls, and fully design and build the physical space. From colors and decorations to rows of plush theater seats, motorized stage curtains, and a ticket booth. Integrated Smart Technologies, Inc. can design the home theater of your dreams or childhood memories.
  • Media


    Are you looking for your theater or media room to have the latest technologies, such as 4K UltraHD resolution, immersive 3D projection, a movie server, the newest gaming console, and multi-channel surround sound with crystal clear audio and bass that rattles your bones? We can handle that. Whatever your choice of media, we can provide & install all the gear with an integrated control system that is simple to use and wondrous to see & hear.
  • One-Touch Control

    One-Touch Control

    When you're ready to start the movie, game or sporting event, a single button on a remote, touch screen, tablet or smartphone dims the lights, sets the temperature to keep the room comfortable, opens the stage curtains, closes the blinds, turns on the display and audio-video equipment, and selects the desired source to be played. You can even include a setting to pause the movie, bring up the lights, and switch to the front door camera when the doorbell rings.

Trent & Tricia Martin and Family

Integrated Smart Technologies is a world class total home integration solutions provider. From their keen interest in understanding and helping us refine every meticulous detail of our vision and requirements, to their unparalleled willingness and ability to work with our builder and interior designer, iST has repeatedly exceeded our high quality and service expectations. We couldn't be more pleased with our complete home theater project and final product.

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