Bedroom Lighting & Automation | Kalamazoo & Jackson, MI

The day begins with the bedroom blinds opening slightly to let the early morning light in, while the touchscreen control next to the bed lets you know a coming storm front will wash out your golf game that day.  You can tell the house to let you snooze or continue the morning routine of changing the room temp, playing your favorite wake-up music, and slowly raising the lights.  At night, you can simply press a "goodnight" button to turn off all the lights or set them to bedtime levels throughout your home, lock all exterior doors, close any open overhead doors, adjust the thermostats, turn off music and TV's, and set the alarm.  The system can even notify you if your kids are moving about the house during the night.  It's still up to you to kiss your significant other goodnight though.

  • Lighting


    One-touch control for preset lighting levels is especially useful in the bedroom, where bright lights are just too much to be awakened by in the morning, and too little light at night can result in a stubbed toe. An occupancy sensor or even a bedside keypad lets you turn on floor level illumination to light the way without disturbing your sleeping beauty. If you want to read in bed, another touch turns on the reading light over your head. If you're in a romantic mood, lights adjust to a warm glow, the gas fireplace ignites, and soft music starts to play. From full bright to all off, the choice is only a button away.
  • There’s an App to Control Your World too

    There’s an App to Control Your World too

    Need to check the weather before you decide if it's really time to get out of bed? Reach over to your bedside touch screen or turn on your connected TV to select the weather app. Or use another to select the right music to help get your day started, whatever the weather. With a growing number of apps, you get to continually customize and upgrade your home automation and entertainment system to control ceiling fans, blinds, door locks, add to your music and movie options, play movie trivia before the feature presentation, and much more. Apps make your Control4 system better with every download.