Whole Home

A 21st century home can be a myriad of advanced systems for lighting, entertainment, heating / cooling, security and more; each with its own controls.  Integrated Smart Technologies, Inc. brings simplicity to your modern home by doing what our name implies, designing and integrating all of these systems so they work together under a single, easy-to-use control to meet your personal needs and comfort level.

Family Room

If you are looking to transform your family room into a true entertainment media center, iST can design a system that brings together audio and video equipment, lighting controls, and gaming consoles into one integrated network; controlled by a single remote, an easy-to-use touch screen, or mobile device app.  It's family entertainment made simple, automatically.


The kitchen is where the real action of your home is, and it's where automation rapidly adapts to your schedule and lifestyle. You get to handle the culinary creativity while your kitchen takes care of the details.


Never wake-up to an alarm clock again.  iST can program a gentle scene to awaken you with soft music, slowly open the blinds, turn up the heat, and slowly, very gradually, bring up the lights over a half-hour before you rise.  You may never wake up on the wrong side of the bed again.

Home Theater

Integrated Smart Technologies, Inc. takes sports, gaming and movie watching in your home to an entirely different level; from hi-def and 3D screens to immersive sound systems, lighting controls, acoustical treatments, and more.  But iST doesn't stop there.  We can work with your builder or fully design and construct a turnkey room - complete with beautiful decor, simple control, and plush theater seats to truly integrate all the necessary elements for an amazing entertainment experience.

Outdoor Spaces

A patio and pool is an outdoor extension of your living space, and a prime entertainment setting.  Turn it into an environment that's even more special with weather-protected sound & video equipment, customized lighting, and even set the pool & hot tub water temperature; all with an automated system you control from a simple touch screen or your mobile device.