Smart Training Rooms | Kalamazoo & Jackson, MI

Training is becoming more sophisticated for today's workforce, and so is the room they're training in. You don't want the effort to control the equipment in the training room to become so complex that you have to keep retraining the trainers. Integrated Smart Technologies, Inc. can install a sophisticated system that integrates all video screens, computer connections, lighting, speakers, and interactive systems under a single, simplified control.

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    iST can design a training room that allows for a trainer to be onsite, offsite but connected live, or recorded. An onsite trainer can use an electronic whiteboard and interactive programs for instruction, as can an offsite trainer. In fact, a trainer can be physically present in one training room and concurrently connect with several remote training sites. To control any of the electronic equipment, and even the lights, the trainer need only log into the system on a computer or mobile device and press a single button to select a preset that turns on lights and needed equipment onsite, then also do the same for any other remote locations.