Restaurant & Bar Automation | Kalamazoo & Jackson, MI

"Can you get the game on?", a customer asks.

"Sure," a server says as she pulls over a chair to stand on and aims a remote at one of the three TV's. "Is that it?"

"No, that's the New York game," the customer answers. ", that's not it either," as she accidentally changes the desired TV and another one next to it and other patrons start expressing their displeasure. "...No, that's an infomercial. The game's on the MLB channel."

Frustrated and embarrassed, she concedes with, "I don't think we get it."

She's partially right. You get the channel, but your staff doesn't get how to control all the hi-def TV's you have throughout your place, thereby frustrating them and your customers. Integrated Smart Technologies, Inc. gets it. We can provide a turnkey system or help you with your current situation by installing automated controls that makes lighting, sound, security, and finding the right channel simple and within reach. No chairs needed, unless it's to find more seats for your customers to happily watch the big game.

  • Morning Prep

    Morning Prep

    Disarm the security system or press the "Morning" button to unlock the doors (except for the front entry), turn all the lights up high for cleaning and setup, and start the music on loud and fast to put your morning crew in gear and get the day going.
  • Open for Business

    Open for Business

    It's five minutes before you open the doors for the lunch crowd. The lights are still set to high, the Weather Channel's on one TV, financial news on another, and you have no idea what music is blasting, but the kitchen staff like it. In the past, you used to have to get started earlier to turn on all the TV's and make sure they're on the right sports or other desired channels, lower the lights, and find the music your customers are comfortable listening to. Now, no problem. You don't have to worry about resetting the lights and electronics, as your integrated system will automatically transition TV's, lights, music, blinds, signage, temperature, and more right before you open and throughout the rest of your day.
  • Closing Time

    Closing Time

    Lighting is timed to slowly rise to signal "last call." You've set all the lights to take a half-hour to reach full brightness, giving the late-night crowd enough time to finish their fun before they gather up their belongings and head out. The music switches to a staff favorite as they overturn chairs onto tabletops and get the place ready for the morning crew. With one final glance, the last person out arms the security system, which automatically shuts down all TV's & music, adjusts lighting and climate, and locks all doors. Relax, knowing the building is secure and there are no lights left on or thermostats turned up. It's time to go home.