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Heads of professional offices and medical clinics understand their specially trained office and clinical staff have enough to do without worrying about turning on TV's to the right channels in waiting rooms and children areas, setting the temperature, music and lights to create the right atmosphere of serenity, then at night making sure all the systems are off or set to evening levels, and all exterior doors and storage rooms with critical supplies are locked, as well as cameras being recorded and the security system armed.  Integrated Smart Technologies, Inc. can give you this peace-of-mind and convenience by simply disarming and arming your security system or pressing a single button when you open and close your office.

  • Clinic Controls

    Clinic Controls

    Automated controls can set various light levels in different rooms, so you have the appropriate illumination for examining patients. You can also set light levels for different procedural requirements or soften lights and give patients their choice of music in recovery rooms. Additionally, iST integrates intercom with video, climate controls, security features, and other electrical equipment into one unified, simple-to-use system controlled by keypads, in-wall or portable touch screens, remotes with connected TV's, computers, or mobile devices.
  • Patient Comfort

    Patient Comfort

    Your staff has critical duties in a clinical environment, but they also have to oversee the comfort of patients in the waiting room. A single button on a keypad, touch screen panel or mobile app lets a staff member select a preset that turns on the TV to a desired channel and at an appropriate volume or mute, set soft music, adjust room temperature, and select lighting levels to help put your patients at ease.
  • Security


    Security concerns are heightened when you need to protect drugs and patient records stored onsite or expensive equipment. iST provides automated control that integrates with a security system panel. Simply arming the system will adjust all thermostats and lighting to evening levels, turn off all music and TV's, and lock the doors. Further, interior lights can be set to turn on fully inside the building and flash on the outside if an alarm occurs. You can even remotely check your cameras from your phone to discover if it's a late night worker or an actual break-in. Other features include the ability for simple controls to restrict access to certain areas, days, or even time of day to authorized personnel only.

Robert M. Doane, M.D. - Jackson Orthopedic Specialists

Integrated Smart Technologies' expertise in home theater and automation is only surpassed by their customer service. They are always available by phone and ready to help if a problem does arise.

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