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A fitness center can be an explosion of motion, sight and sound, but if you can't get the latter two working right, there may not be much motion among your clientele.  While spas may suggest a gentler atmosphere, sounds and lighting still play an essential part that can frustrate customers when the audio is misplayed or the lights are too bright.  Integrated Smart Technologies, Inc. can design a control system that lets you program presets activated by a single button press or when occupancy is sensed; light levels adjust and audio & video systems turn onto the desired source and volume in any or all rooms to keep exercisers in motion and spa goers in a serene state of mind.

  • Control It All

    Control It All

    iST automation control also works in ways your clients never see. The system we install integrates with others so that when you arrive in the morning and there's already a group of early risers waiting to get their day going with a workout, you can press one button on a keypad, touch screen or even your mobile device, and it unlocks all the doors, disarms the security system, turns on all the lights & climate controls to desired levels, switches on TV's and audio systems, and powers up any other equipment needed, and all before anyone has a chance to take off their warmup suit.
  • Video


    The general exercise room, filled with various forms of bicycle and running machines along with other equipment for individual use, also comes with a bank of TV screens to help take clients the virtual distances they're covering. That's a lot of TVs that need to be turned on and set to the right channel. iST installs a system that lets you automatically turn on all the TVs at once, anywhere in your building, each one set to a channel you have already programmed. And it's even easy to have different presets for Sunday football, weekday news, or music channels.
  • Audio


    The mind responds to sound - whether it's a rockin' beat that helps keep your legs moving and arms pumping or a softer track that lets your whole body relax. iST uses automated control systems that allow instructors to access music from any source in any room of your facility. The right music for the right activity, accessed by a simple touch screen or mobile app.
  • Judy Eisner

    Judy Eisner, Owner Liberty Athletic Club Ann Arbor, MI

    "Integrated Smart Technologies is a great company. They designed a wonderful sound system for my business, and a home theatre system in my home. Troy & his team are professional, caring, and I am delighted with their work. They are always available to address my needs. I highly recommend the company to everyone."