Business Technology Solutions | Kalamazoo & Jackson, MI

You put a lot into your business, but you want to do more to take it to the next level. You want to invest in technology that improves your presentations, increases your building security, and creates a productive, invigorating environment for staff and customers. But continual training so your staff actually understands and uses the complex technology makes you hesitate. Integrated Smart Technology, Inc. makes controlling your technology simple and effective, with benefits you can see in your bottom line.

  • Presentations


    Bring a potential customer in for an interactive sales presentation, and be confident that the audio, video or computer connection you need will work at the press of a single button on a keypad, touch screen, remote or even a mobile device. Incorporate an electronic white board / digital display to plot marketing strategies or setup a video conference with offsite team members. All of this and more can be done simply and dependably with automated systems installed by Integrated Smart Technologies, Inc.
  • Professional Atmosphere

    Professional Atmosphere

    Automated control systems from iST allow you to set your lighting, music, TV's and digital signage, temperature, and more to greet your customers with a polished welcome. Upon telling us what you'd like to have happen, we program it and then you decide if it comes on automatically when your business opens or when the first person arrives to unlock the doors. Early morning customers will see a business that's ready to get to work, right from the opening bell.
  • Security


    Whether your company is large or small, making sure everything is locked and secure at the end of each day is a critical task. Integrated Smart Technologies, Inc. configures your system to automatically lock all doors, turn off non-essential lights and adjust thermostats to conserve energy, turn on security lights, and arm the security system with the press of a single button on a keypad, touch screen, or mobile device. You can set door locks with scheduled user codes that alert you when used, have the security system to turn on all interior lights and flash those on the exterior to alert police and others of an intrusion, and access cameras to make sure it wasn't just an employee working late who tripped the alarm.