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A Brief Guide to High Definition TV Terminology

Home Theater Installation

Understanding the terms used to describe modern televisions - whether they're HD, UltraHD, 3D or otherwise - is crucial to finding the perfect TV for your home theater. While it can be difficult to learn every term, there are several that, once learned, will give you a firmer grasp of the technology. In this post, we're going to discuss a few of these key terms and, hopefully, help you find the perfect television for your home theater.

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Smart Lighting Solutions From Integrated Smart Technologies & Control 4

Smart Lighting

As technology has advanced over the years so have the issues caused by artificial light. The good news is that through research and advances in smart home lighting these issues caused by interference of our circadian rhythms can be minimized. In this post, we will look at how different types of light have different effects on our mind and body. 

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Alarm Clocks are Bad: How to Wake Up Feeling Great with iST Bedroom Automation

Home Automation

Alarms are generally harmful for your sleep cycle. Being woken up suddenly by the noise of your alarm clock is an inherently unnatural experience. Have you ever noticed how you can be woken up after 8 hours of sleep and feel awful and groggy or wake up after 6 hours feeling great and completely refreshed? A lot of that has to do with what your mind is doing when you're abruptly awoken from your slumber.

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Automated Technology Increases Marketability of Homes

Home Automation

According to a study done by the Consumer Electronic Association, over 85 percent of builders said that smart homes and other automated technology features greatly improves marketability of homes. Builders are always looking for a way to differentiate themselves from the competition, and technology is a great way to do just that. In this post we will look at what makes smart homes such a hot commodity.

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Five Reasons to Get a Home Theater System

Home Theater

There is nothing better than watching your favorite movie on the big screen, with your food and drink in-hand. What if you could get that same experience, but without the lines, loud people, expensive refreshments, and hefty ticket price? Many people feel that having a theater at their home is just too luxurious for them. That kind of thing is only for athletes and movie stars - well, those people are wrong. In this post we will look at five reasons why you need your own home theater. 

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The Benefits of Using Echo Dot’s Alexa in Your Smart Conference Room

Smart Conference Room

When most people think of hands-free smart technology, they often thing of its usefulness in a home. Whether its lowering the blinds, turning off the lights, and reducing the heats while they're snuggled in bed, or in the kitchen when people may find their hands full of covered in flour - there are many handy applications for smart voice technology in home, but what about conference rooms? In this post, we will look at a few of the ways Echo Dot captained by Alexa can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your smart conference room

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Three Ways to Easily Improve the Sound Quality in Your Home Theater

Home Theater System

Perfecting the sound quality of your home theater goes beyond the actual equipment that you buy. Of course, high quality speakers and subwoofers make a difference, but if they're not set up properly they're not going to produce the sound you're looking for. The right equipment setup and tuning can make a world of difference when it comes to your audio quality.

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Control4 Introduces New Smart Home Security and Entertainment Capabilities

smart home security

Control4, one of Integrated Smart Technologies' partners, recently introduced a new version of their smart home operating system, Control4 OS. This latest iteration, version 2.8, includes a host of new features that improve the system's already robust home security and entertainment features. Announced at the CEDIA Expo in Dallas, Texas, this version is all about being more flexible and easier to use while also maintaining the high level of customizability that customers have come to expect from Control4 products. Let's take a look at some of the best features offered by the new Control4 OS...

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What’s So Great About Ultra HD and 4K Televisions?

Home Theater

It's not always easy to keep up with new technology in home entertainment - this is especially true with TVS. This is further complicated by the fact that different manufacturers sometimes use different terms for the same technology. It's important to know that 4K or Ultra HD means that the TV has about four times the number of pixels of full HD TVs. So, what does this mean? This means that 4K televisions have about eight million more pixels which results in a much cleaner, sharper image. 

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Simplifying Your Control4 Home Automation Systems

Home Automation System

Having a fancy remote specific to some of your home automation systems and an app for the next can get really overwhelming, cluttered, and confusing. The whole point of having a home automation system is to simplify your life, but when you have all of these controls you have to remember the functions for, it makes everything a bit more complicated. Home automation should put you in control, not make you feel out of control.

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