Readjust and Sleep Better with a Smart Home System

Smart Home System

Daylight saving time for 2019 just began on March 10th, and, with your smart home system, you can adjust your lighting when you wake, temperature during the day, and more. It can be hard adjusting to the time change, but, when you have a smart home system from Integrated Smart Technologies, you can make the transition a little easier with effective technological solutions.

Sunrise and sunset

When we change hours during daylight savings, it can mess with our sense of time, and thus, our sleep. You may have already had a preexisting program planned in your home for when to turn lights on or off, but with daylight savings you'll have to readjust once again. By doing so, however, you can start your new routine early and quickly get used to the difference thanks to your automated home.

Get pumped up

There's no better way to start your day than with some of your favorite hit songs. However, it also can be frustrating when your music starts an hour later than you meant for it to. With a smart home system from Integrated Smart Technologies, you can change your programmed routine to make sure you wake up to music at the right time, helping you get up and moving at the start of your day. If you don't want to change an existing wake up schedule you have made, you can even create a new one specifically for when daylight savings ends every year!

Wake up comfortable

As you might know, we sleep better when it's cold, so another adjustment you can make is to your home's temperature. Now that you're waking up basically one hour earlier than before, you'll have to make sure your heat comes on at the right time as well. The cold temperature can help you sleep, but almost no one likes a frigid home first thing in the morning.

Integrated Smart Technologies has the experience and capabilities to transform your house into the home you've always wanted. Contact us today to get started on your smart home improvements!

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