Enjoy the Start of a New Year with Remote Access Security

Remote Access Security

Security has become a hot topic recently thanks to porch package thieves during Christmastime, and you can save yourself from any worry going into the New Year by investing in trustworthy, remote access security. Integrated Smart Technologies provides full-home automation, including security, so your home can be programmed to give you the peace of mind that you've been looking for.

A simple setup

Once we have installed your smart home systems and you are ready to program your security settings, don't worry about the difficulty of setup. The easy-to-use Control4 system coupled with our experts to explain the system to you will make sure that you understand how to use your remote access security. Whether it's day-to-day programs or a long-term program setup, you can get the security that your home needs.

Do it in one go

If you know that your security needs will frequently be the same, you can create the best one-time security measures with your remote access security for your home. By creating a regular security program, you can lock all your doors, turn off the lights, close garage doors, and arm your alarm system all with the single press of a button. Whatever your preferences are for when you leave the house, you can have your system set up to activate it whenever you leave home.

Comfort of remote

Part of your plan this New Year's Eve may be to spend it somewhere away from home at a party celebrating the new year, and remote access security can give you the reassurance that your home will be safe while your away. You may have had moments where you realize your forgot to set the alarm at home or lock the doors, and it can ruin your entire night making you anxious. With remote access security from IST, you can do it all on the go from your phone, relieving tension and allowing yourself to enjoy your time.

With over a decade of experience, Integrated Smart Technologies is the best way for you to feel comfort at and away from home with remote access security.

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