Surround Sound Installation for a Spooky Movie Night

Surround Sound Installation

As you're throwing a Halloween party, it's always a good idea to have a scary movie or two at the end of the night, and you can perfect the spooky experience by getting quality surround sound installation. Integrated Smart Technologies can give your home theater the surround sound system to really bring your movies to life. With a surround sound system as part of your movie experience, you'll hear every jump-scare, whisper in the dark, and dramatic scream in your horror movie in an immersive and impressive way.

No scare too loud

When getting surround sound installation for your home theater, you want an easy way to be in control of the whole system when it's finally completed. With Integrated Smart Technologies, we'll put your sound control for your sound system right into the same controls as your home theater, making everything as streamlined and easy for you as possible. We love scary movies too and want you to have the best experience with them, but if some of the scares get too loud, you can easily turn down your movie with easy-to-use commands.

Upgrade all your equipment

While getting your surround sound installation, you can improve the rest of your home theater as well from the screen to the decor. If your projector is outdated, we have the newest model available for you! Is your screen open all the time and you want to add more ambiance? Add motorized staged curtains! If you have a design that you'd like for your theater to give it a thematic appearance, we have installed and overhauled home theater systems of all kinds to make the perfect movie-viewing space.

As an authorized platinum dealer of control4 systems, Integrated Smart Technologies provides the smart home technologies to make your house innovative, impressive, and fun. With control over lights, temperature, music, and more right at your fingertips, you can easily live in comfort.

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