Beyond Convenience - How Smart Home Automation Delivers Savings

Lighting with smart home automation

There's no doubt that smart home automation devices like home theaters and whole home sound systems are a ton of fun. We all enjoy the convenience of having our home respond to our arrival by unlocking doors and adjusting the house temperature. Beyond the fun, home owners also find that they save money with the installation of smart home devices. Consider these three items:

Not too hot, not too cold. Smart thermostats have been around for awhile now, but their ability to reduce heating and cooling costs really deserves another mention. Setting up a schedule based on home occupancy can reduce your energy cost. Note: smart thermostats are more advanced than the original programmable thermostats. Smart thermostats are also programmable but can also be equipped with sensors monitoring which rooms are in use and can have their programming adjusted remotely. The good news for Michiganders is that the savings are more pronounced in regions with more extreme temperature variations.

When to view your window on the world. Window treatments fall in the same category as smart thermostats in that they can be programmed to assist in the heating and cooling of your home. Consider a room filled with windows that would greatly benefit from having window treatments scheduled to either open or close during the sunniest hours of the day. You could control whether you want to make use of solar heating - or block it - from a voice or hand control.

When to light the scene. Home automation allows you to set scenes in your home that are based location and use. Lighting is an integral part of that, and telling your home when light aren't needed is an easy way to put money back in your pocket.

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