Get Ready For A Win In The Conference Room

smart conference room

When we gather to work, we want our technology to work for us, not against us. Businesses frequently come to us to upgrade their conference rooms so that their technology is accessible to employees, clients, and visiting consultants. You can set a powerful scene with control of viewing screens, lights, shades, and your sound systems all from a touch panel mounted on the wall. We can install a system that takes your conference room to the next level.

Set the right tone. There's nothing worse than inviting a client in and having your presentation technology fail. Nothing challenges your credibility more than crawling around under a table trying to find the right connection for your device. Inspire confidence with smart automation of your conference room by closing the shades, lowering the projector screen, and dimming the lights - all from a touch screen. Impress your clients, and make yourself and your colleagues look like geniuses with this cutting edge tech.

Stop training and retraining the trainer. Your interface needs to be ready at a moment's notice, not dependent on who's available in IT to help out. Dealing with a spaghetti mess of cords and trying to make connections with a poorly designed system can be endlessly frustrating. When you work with us, we'll make sure your system is sleek enough that it's accessible to everyone on your staff with a minimum of training. Smart technology is already smart when you get it, and doesn't require an advanced degree to use.

Be confident. Expecting that the audio, video or computer connection you need will work at the press of a touch screen, remote or even a mobile device, is completely reasonable. Don't get tangled up in the technology, get right to work. Use of an electronic white board setup or of a video conference with offsite team members is available to those who want to invest in it, and who choose the right partner to help design and then install it.

Contact us to learn how all of this and more can be done simply and dependably with automated systems installed by Integrated Smart Technologies, Inc.

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