Four Ways Technology Will Shape Smart Conference Rooms

Smart Conference Room

Despite advances in technology, conference rooms have not changed much over the past few decades. What you'll find in most conference rooms is a phone, screen, whiteboard and maybe a little video conferencing equipment. With the technology that is available, these rooms leave a lot to be desired. Below are five items that should become the standard in your meeting space.

1. Collaborative conferencing technology

Video conferencing and wireless technology have made it practically effortless to for coworkers to connect and have their content in one shared digital workspace. Instead of emailing back and forth and waiting for replies, teams can work together in real time.

2. Attendees have access to shared data

The purpose of holding a meeting in a conference room is to share information and have a conversation. Instead of passing something around, it's so much easier to connect devices and share relevant content during the meeting or presentation.

3. Better presentation tools      

The most popular presentation tool is PowerPoint. The thing is, PowerPoint is very limited in what it can add to a presentation. There are now applications that allow you to resize, layer and move content across multiple screens. It's important to be dynamic as possible when giving a presentation.

4. Pick up where you left off

How convenient would it be to have all information from a meeting saved into one place? A digital portfolio of meetings, that includes all content that was shared throughout the meeting, in one place. If the meeting needs to resume later, no one is scrambling to find files or handouts from the last meeting.

At Integrated Smart Technologies, we know how important and useful technology really is. We're always thinking of ways to make your life easier at home and at work. If you think you may want to upgrade your meeting room into a smart conference room, give us a call today!

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