Temperature on Your Terms: New Wireless Thermostat from Control4

Control4 Thermostat

The ability to set your thermostat to automatically turn down the temperature at a certain time and turn it back up at another set time is not new technology. It's not even new technology to be able to control these settings from your handheld or mobile device--that's a feature Control4 has already been able to offer for years. With a new user-interface from Control4, however, this experience is an easier way to get what you want out of your home automation climate control.

Rolled out for 2015, the new system was developed jointly with HVAC experts and works with the vast majority of popular HVAC systems including split HVAC, radiant heating, geothermal systems, and dual fuel systems. And this doesn't just control the temperature; it can also handle humidity, air filtration, shades and blinds, and fans.

User Personalized Temperature Modes

With a move toward an even more user-friendly device and options for more personalization, users can now develop their own temperature, HVAC "scenes" through the touch screen interface. Previously, an integrator like Integrated Smart Technologies would have to come up with the settings during install. Now after it is installed, a user can easily go in and create settings for a scene such as "exercise" where the temperature drops, and perhaps also the shades (unless you want your neighbors watching you Zumba of course). Turn this exercise mode on when you're ready to get started without any need to deviate from the normal set schedule--and you can set the mode for only certain rooms. Create other modes such as "movie time" or "cooking" which will adjust the temperatures and the fans. You can even incorporate this in with the rest of your home automation to also control the lights, the blinds, video, and sound. The system can also automatically adjust to the different seasons and days.

Integrated Design

The thermostat design doesn't have to interfere with your interior design. With the new system, you can hide the thermostat in a utility closet or somewhere else out of site. Then, remote sensors are dispersed throughout the house. But the best part is that they are not obtrusive--they are small discs that blend into the wall surface and can even be painted over. Operate all from your Control4 device or an app on your mobile phone or tablet.

Incorporate the Thermostat with Other Home Automation Features

Want more control? Incorporate the fan speed control into your home automation system as well, allowing the fans to be automatically turned on when the room reaches a certain temperature. A motion sensor can even detect if there is someone in the room--and if there isn't, the fans won't turn on. By combining it with your shades and blinds automation, your shades can be drawn during the hot part of the day in the summer while in the winter it can open the shades to allow sunlight in, and close them at night to trap in the heat. The system already knows when the sun rises and sets every day without any extra programming, so there's no need to adjust as the sun does.

If you already have Control4 in place and are ready to upgrade to the new thermostat, or if you don't have any home automation and you're ready to start, give us a call toll free at 888-774-7627, and we can discuss your options. We at Integrated Smart Technologies are located in Kalamazoo, Michigan and Jackson, Michigan and service the surrounding areas.

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