A Digital Movie Library at Your Fingertips

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Picture this: You're sitting at dinner with your family when someone suggests a movie night. You clean up the dishes (hopefully with some help!) and head into the family room and flip on the TV. You select a movie from your library or download one from a streaming service and hit play. At the same time the opening credits start up, your blinds close, your lights dim, and the sound system is adjusted, all from the touch of one button.

There's no getting in the car to run to the nearest RedBox, no shuffling through shelves of DVD cases, no disc-reading errors, no fiddling with the sound, and no arguing over who has to get up to turn off the lights after everyone is already settled in. We just can't guarantee the kids won't fight over who gets to push Play.

Believe it or not, this scenario isn't just a dream. Incorporating a media player with Control4 technology can make this a reality. Media players (often called "servers") do not require a disc to be loaded each time you want to watch it. Instead, the first time the disc is inserted, it copies the information and digitally stores it to its internal hard drive, making it available anytime, regardless of if you know where the physical DVD went.

Media players also let you stream and store content from the internet. Is there a new release that you want to see? Rent or purchase it online and store it in your system to watch right away. This option also allows you to watch or listen to TV programs, concert videos, and music.

Once these media players are paired with a home automation system, the possibilities for movie night are endless. Some options include:

  • Having the room's lights dim and the shades close when you press play.
  • Displaying all the movies you own without manually cataloguing the information.
  • Setting the TV to turn off after being idle or paused for a certain amount of time. This is perfect if you frequently fall asleep in movies.
  • Turning your TV on when you access apps on your phone for streaming such as Apple AirPlay or UPnP technology.
  • Detecting when a movie or show is finished so that the lights turn back on.
  • Setting custom room temperatures to adjust when the TV turns on.

Of course simply purchasing a media player doesn't make all of this possible. With the help of Integrated Smart Technologies, Inc., you can be well on your way to incorporating your media player into a home automation system. In addition to controlling your movies and TV shows, we can set up a media center that can additionally incorporate your gaming systems. We are a Platinum Dealer for the Control4 system, one of the only ones in Michigan. And we are the only dealer outside of the Detroit area with locations in Jackson and Kalamazoo. We take great pride in our work and custom each solution based on a customer's needs and wishes. Contact us today to discuss and see what options are available for your home.

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