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Sonos whole home audio system

People want music everywhere, but that doesn't always happen in a home. You may be streaming music over your computer in one room, but can only listen to a radio in the kitchen. If you're throwing a party, the music's too loud in the living room, but drops off in the dining room and can't be heard at all on the patio.

We love music at Integrated Smart Technologies, and we love to share our love of music with customers by helping them listen to the music they want, wherever they want in their homes, with a top-quality sound system that's still easy to use. That's why we offer Sonos wireless hi-fi.

Sonos offers a scalable smart system of wireless speakers and audio components that makes your entire digital music collection and streaming audio available in any room you choose in your house. You can choose to play the same selection throughout your home or in just select rooms, or family members can select individual choices for each room.

Sonos is the hottest manufacturer of wireless whole home audio systems. That's why iST has been a Gold Dealer of Sonos systems for three years. They are the most feature rich, easy to use, reliable system on the market, especially when you look at its value and cost.

A Sonos whole home audio system system allows you to play music from your Android or Apple device, or your computer, giving you access to thousands of online radio stations and music channels, as well as big name streaming services shuck as Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify and more. We can even set up Sonos' top quality speakers as part of a home theater system. We can also tie-in the Sonos audio system into Control4 automated home controls.

We like Sonos because there's no extra wiring to install to make it work. You just plug in a speaker, then using a Sonos App, you set the speaker to access your current WiFi network. For greater range and reliability, you can also set up a dedicated Sonos network.

Sonos has a proprietary wireless solution that not only has a lower price point, but it's very simple to install and use, and it's very reliable.

That gives everybody, including us, more time to listen to our music, anywhere we want.

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