10 movies you’ll want to watch on Blu-ray


There's a lot of beauty in Blu-ray - literally. There's a LOT of data on those disks, and the quality can be stunning.

You see, Blu-ray technology provides five times the storage available on traditional DVDs (which means more "extras") and it's designed to make the most of high-definition (HD) video by allowing recording, rewriting, and playback features with ultra-optimal visual and sound presentation. This means crystalline picture quality, fully enhanced audio, and space for director's to pack in documentaries, interviews, extra scenes, and other premium multimedia goodies.

It's kind of a big deal.

Luckily, some of the greatest cinematic films, both old and new, are being released in this new format - a major upgrade with all the HD trappings. This means you get the MOST movie-true experience for your purchase. Blu-ray also enables moviemakers to offer an improved version of the original, enhancing vintage films with the latest technology.

Many of our customers will ask us what movies we watch when we're watching movies on Blue-Ray. Here's our list. We guarantee these 10 Blu-ray editions will bring out the best in your home theater:

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