Throw the Perfect Halloween Party with Full House Automation

House Automation

With October right around the corner, Halloween decorations and parties will be in full swing, and with home automation, you can take your Halloween party to the next level. The hands-on or hands-off approach offered by Integrated Smart Technology's give you the control that you need to get your home prepared and last as the place to be all night.

Halloween hits

By using an integrated music system by iST in all your rooms, you can play from a mixtape or stream your favorite playlist of the best Halloween hits for your party. Set the mood by playing all the classics from The Monster Mash to Thriller and get your guests moving. If you don't have a playlist built or don't own any of the songs, that's okay! With the simple push of a button on a keypad, touchscreen, tv interface, or a phone/tablet, you can choose from Sirius XM, Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, Deezer, and more to get all the best songs for the season.

Halloween lighting

With the simple controls of your iST integrated lighting, you can create a setup specifically for your party that brings the lighting of Halloween to every room. Right from the time when your party starts to when it ends, you can program the lighting in your home to dim and contribute to the spookiness of your decorations. By adding some simple orange or purple string lights, your home can go from simple house to Halloween haven.

Keep it comfortable

With simple controls from your phone, you can keep each room at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. As people come and go, activities start and stop, the temperature can fluctuate, so make sure your guests stay comfortable the whole time they're at your party.

With over a decade of experience in providing quality smart technology systems, Integrated Smart Technologies can help you improve your home or business like never before. With innovative solutions and quality service, see how iST can help you today.

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