10 reasons you need a home theater


There's nothing quite like a big screen, a soft seat, a cold drink, and a good movie. However, considering the price, hassle, and possibility of annoyance involved in venturing out for a night at the theater, it's worth looking into a better option - like investing in a home theater system for your home.

Think about it. No oversold shows, no odd show times, no kids tossing gummi bears at the back of your head, no empty toilet paper rolls in the bathroom. There are countless reasons - some practical, some personal - why the home theater idea should get a thumbs-up, but here are the top 10 reasons for getting a home theater.

1. Technology makes it possible to virtually recreate the movie-going experience at home. Crisp visuals, powerful sound, wireless options so that you don't have cords snaking around the room - And from the comfort and cushiness of your own couch.

2. Affordability - With ticket prices soaring and concessions seemingly charging per popcorn kernel, why not invest in a system that allows you to prepare and eat your own food at no cost. Over the course of a year, the savings could be massive.

3. Accessibility - You can watch a movie whenever you like, whenever it fits into your schedule, without making a big production of it by arranging meet-up times, finding seats together, and figuring out meal plans.

4. No parking and no lines. Not for food, not for admission. Do people usually line up to walk into your living room? I thought not. And you can leave your Subaru in the driveway.

5. No pre-show ads and trivia quizzes. They don't even give you enough time to guess the answer, which is usually either "Jack Nicholson" or Splash anyway.

6. You can hit "Pause." Phone call? Bathroom break? Need to refill your drink? Dog begging for a walk? You don't have to worry about missing a key moment in the film - you can always stop it and resume at your leisure.

7. Hang out with family and friends. It's pretty easy to just invite people over or gather the family together in the evening and spend some quality time enjoying the movie and then relaxing and discussing it when it's through. Plus there's bound to be someone there willing to go get more salsa.

8. Any noise pollution is on your terms - You don't have to deal with strangers on their cell phones, teenagers talking to their friends, or those people who always laugh at exactly the wrong moment.

9. Nobody likes using public restrooms. Do we need to say anything else about this?

10. You're already home. If you fall asleep during the film, no problem. Just keep a blanket handy.

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