7 tips for improving the sound of your home theater

Home Theater

You're pretty psyched about your new home theater, and when you pop in the first film, the sheer size and clarity of the picture makes you pat yourself on the back.

But the sound... There's something not quite right about the sound. It could be better. Bigger. Bolder.

And here's how to make that happen.

Surf the setup menus - Sure, it seems obvious, but this actually requires a little bit of finagling. Use the Speaker Size guide (woofers 6-inches-and-up mean the speaker is "large"), and then make sure each speaker level is equal by using a test tone and adjusting accordingly.

Buy speaker floor stands or wall brackets - Something as simple as taking them off the bookshelf or out of a cabinet can make a huge difference.

Control the acoustics - Hardwood floors, windows, mirrors, and high ceilings can let the sound bounce around and get away from you, so use a thick rug and some heavy drapes to contain the sound.

Strategically place your speakers - Front speakers should have their tweeters at about ear level, and the side speakers should be equidistant from the center of the room (or wherever you'll be listening from).

Invest in your cables - Higher-end cables make a world of difference - If you're working with the free wires that came with your system, think about upgrading.

More power - If your room is particularly large, or if you just like feeling enveloped in the sound, look to see if your receiver has preamp-out jacks suitable for a separate amplifier - more power will mean more sound.

Matching sets - Matched speakers tend to produce a more cohesive sound, and you don't have to pay a premium for a set. Bonus: They'll look nice together, too.

If you need further assistance with your home theater's sound, don't hesitate to contact us.

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