Three Ways to Easily Improve the Sound Quality in Your Home Theater

Home Theater System

Perfecting the sound quality of your home theater goes beyond the actual equipment that you buy. Of course, high quality speakers and subwoofers make a difference, but if they're not set up properly they're not going to produce the sound you're looking for. The right equipment setup and tuning can make a world of difference when it comes to your audio quality.

1. Change the position of your subwoofer

Most people will automatically put their subwoofer in a corner of the room. This is not always the best spot depending on the size, shape, and setup of the room. You should move the subwoofer around and listen to bass quality with different types of audio to see what location is best in your particular room. If you do not currently have a subwoofer you need to get one, they are a hallmark of any great surround system.

2. Move your surround sound speakers

Do not group your speakers together or have them too high up on the wall. Try moving your speakers onto side walls a couple feet above your ears. By doing this, you're enhancing the depth of the sound which gives you the "surround sound" experience.

3. Use available technology

There are many technologies that have come out whose sole purpose is to use decoding algorithms to improve audio quality. They can even remove ambient sounds from recordings to make the sound seem "live." The different algorithm options on your AV receiver will help you to produce sound with a lot of body.

At Integrated Smart Technologies in Jackson and Kalamazoo, we know how important audio quality is in a home theater system. Our customers are looking for that "movie theater" sound experience. If you've been considering getting a home theater started or are looking to upgrade, contact us today!

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