How to Create the Ultimate Theater Experience


For the longest time, creating a true theater experience in the home was a pipe dream. Between clunky projectors and insufficient sound systems, home theaters were often plagued with technical issues, blurred images and, overall, an experience that didn't quite match sitting in an actual theater. With modern hardware and home automation technology, however, those days are over. It's now entirely possible to emulate a true theater experience in the comfort of your home, let's take a look at how Integrated Smart Technologies can help...

Laser projector technology

The first step in creating a home theater that rivals traditional movie houses is selecting the right projector. With the advent of laser projector technology, you can have crystal clear picture quality. With Epson's new Pro Cinema line of laser projectors, reviewers have noted full HD quality picture, better colors and a true cinematic experience.

Dolby ATMOS sound

What's a good movie without realistic surround sound? The same sound system used in many movie theaters across the country can now be installed in your own home theater. With sound moving around you in three-dimensional space, Dolby's ATMOS system puts you right in the middle of the action. More importantly, audio is rendered pitch perfect in clarity and depth.

At Integrated Smart Technologies, we can work with you to create the home theater system of your dreams. We begin by analyzing your room's acoustics, determining the optimal location for seats, speakers and equipment. Next, we select the audio and video equipment that you'll need to create a real cinematic experience. If that's not enough, we can even add remote controlled snack machines, atmospheric decor and comfortable seating. If you've been looking to upgrade your home theater - or install a new one - contact us today to learn how we can give you a genuine theater experience in the comfort of your own home.

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