A Brief Guide to High Definition TV Terminology

Home Theater Installation

Understanding the terms used to describe modern televisions - whether they're HD, UltraHD, 3D or otherwise - is crucial to finding the perfect TV for your home theater. While it can be difficult to learn every term, there are several that, once learned, will give you a firmer grasp of the technology. In this post, we're going to discuss a few of these key terms and, hopefully, help you find the perfect television for your home theater.


With higher ratings always in the works, it's essential to understand the meaning of the term "screen resolution." Your television's resolution lists the number of horizontal rows of pixels followed by the number of vertical columns. Higher numbers mean a clearer picture and a more genuine home theater experience.

Screen measurements

One of the most confusing terms provided by manufacturers are television screen measurements. When looking for the right size television, it's important to remember that measurements are taken diagonally, from one corner to the other, rather than straight across.

Aspect ratio

Your television's aspect ratio is expressed as the number of horizontal pixels for every vertical pixel. As the desire to create a more authentic home theater experience, most manufacturers have chosen to stick to a standard 16:9 aspect ratio.

Viewing angle

Your television's viewing angle is the angle from which it provides the best picture. A proper viewing angle ensures that there is no distortion, washout or color shifting.


Obviously, 3D televisions are televisions that can create a three-dimensional picture. They do this in a number of ways, though it is primarily accomplished by utilizing special glasses that filter multiple images.

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