Some of the Ways Control4 Smart Security Keeps Your Home Safe and Secure

Home Security

Residential burglaries have been steadily dropping since 2011, according to the FBI. Many believe that this downward trend has a lot to do with the growing number of homes in the US who were connected to the internet which allows for wireless, smart home monitoring. This year, wireless security and monitoring is more popular than ever thanks to industry and technology advancements in smart homes.

LILIN, and IP Video developer, has integrated with Control4, making smart surveillance easier and more effective than ever. A camera has been developed that allows the homeowner to define a specific area for motion detection. This means less "false alarms" because a bush or tree blowing in the wind will not trigger the alarm. The camera's function can also be tied in with other smart home security tactics. If there is motion detected in front of a room, the lights inside that room would turn on while an alarm begins to sound and notifications are sent to the user.

With ever-evolving technology, it's no surprise that security systems become more intelligent every year. One of the most recent upgrades from Control4, is that all home events (motion, opened doors, alarms) will be sequenced and kept as searchable history. This allows the user to identify false alarms and customize security tactics and procedure. The history will show the user their family's patterns, which allows the security system to be programmed against the patterns. If there is a motion sensor downstairs, but not upstairs, and the owner regularly gets up in the night and goes downstairs for a snack, the alarm would go off. The new history tab allows for "if-then" programming, where you can say if a motion is detected upstairs right before it's detected downstairs, do not trigger the alarm.

At Integrated Smart Technologies, we're proud to partner with some of the best companies in the smart home industry. This means that we are always kept abreast of new technologies, enhancements, and advancements in home automation and smart security. If you're interested in talking about how a smart security system can help keep you and your family safe, give us a call today!

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