Plan Ahead For Home Automation With Your Next Remodel

home automation

Full home automation is within reach even without the luxury of building your own home. If you are planning a major renovation in a kitchen, basement, or recreation area, it's a great time to map out home automation for your entire home. Even if you don't have the funds to complete the entire project, visualizing the big picture will help you consolidate ideas for your smart home.

Don't open up your walls without a wiring plan. When you're taking any room down to the studs you want to make sure you're not missing out on a golden opportunity to add wiring for smart home automation. When the kitchen is exposed you might have easy access to all of your adjoining rooms as well. Although Bluetooth has come a long way, for any data rich delivery you'll want 16-guage speaker wire, unshielded twisted pair CAT5e or CAT6 cables for Ethernet connections, as well as coax cables.

Setting the scene. Home automation is organized in terms of listening zones, or scenes. So if you're putting in a new gourmet kitchen, one of your scenes may be for entertaining: lights on low, mood music, comfortable ambient temperature, or baking: lights up high for visibility, energetic music, lower ambient temperature to accommodate oven heat, or bedtime: lights, sound, and appliances off.

Make a 10 year plan now. Thinking ahead will save you time and frustration. Our home automation experts can work with you to design a comprehensive system that gives you a clear vision of all of the possibilities. From exterior lighting set to a timer, but easily changed with your smart phone or triggered with motion sensors, to listening zones throughout your home to accommodate all the different musical styles of each family member, we'll help you design a home that reflects you and what you love.

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