Automated Technology Increases Marketability of Homes

Home Automation

According to a study done by the Consumer Electronic Association, over 85 percent of builders said that smart homes and other automated technology features greatly improves marketability of homes. Builders are always looking for a way to differentiate themselves from the competition, and technology is a great way to do just that. In this post we will look at what makes smart homes such a hot commodity.

Energy saving/environmentally friendly

Not surprisingly, light dimmers, timers, and sensors help reduce energy usage significantly which means a low utility bill. Depending on your habits, you could save 60 percent more electricity and also extend the life of your light bulbs twenty times longer. In a traditional three bedroom with a Control4 system, homeowners could also save almost 900 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions every year. More and more, buyers are looking for "green" homes and they're willing to spend more for them.

Hard to forget showings

When buyers are looking at house after house, they all tend to blend together. That's not the case with smart homes. Not only can the lights and temperature be set to each viewer's specifications, the agent can take the time to show the potential buyers exactly how the system works.

Buyer desires

Many buyers expect homes today to have security, climate control, and lighting systems. Control4 continually is named the best in the industry in all of these areas. If you're competing against homes without high-tech amenities or homes with subpar automation systems, you're almost sure to get the sale.

At Integrated Smart Technologies, we're proud to partner with Control4. They are the absolute best in the business and are continuing to come out with the most innovative, technologically advanced home automation and security systems in the industry. If you're looking to improve your quality of life or increase the marketability of your home by making it smart, contact us today! 

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