Take Your Man Cave to the Next Level with Home Automation

Automated Man Cave

If you're looking to convert your attic, spare bedroom or basement into a dedicated "Man Cave," home automation can help you create an amazing, personalized space. With the advent of Smart Homes and digital everything, it's now easier than ever to make your home work for you. Automated blinds, temperature control, lighting and music are just some of the obvious additions that you can make to your cave. But, what about some wilder, more imaginative solutions? Your Man Cave is a refuge, a home away from - or within - your home... what can you do to really amp up the wow factor? Today, we're going to look at how Integrated Smart Technologies and Control4 can help you take your Man Cave to the next level.

Individual Themes

Your Man Cave is a single room dedicated to all of your interests. From a game of pool to midnight showings of your favorite cult films, it has to be able to adapt. With customizable themes, you can set the mood for any number of activities with the push of a button. Planning to watch the game? Brighten the lights and tune multiple televisions simultaneously. Expecting a visit from the wife? Drop the shades, dim the lights and set the stage with some mood music.

Superhero Security

No Man Cave is complete without an automated security system. Smart door locks allow you to lock the room down between certain hours, they can also log visitors and text you if an unexpected guest drops by. Additionally, smart doors can be tied in with your individual themes, allowing you to automatically adjust lighting, sound and other environmental factors when certain people enter the room.

At Integrated Smart Technologies, we've been handling our customers' home automation needs since 1999. Working with Control4, we're able to provide our clients with the latest in cutting-edge automation for their homes and offices. From integrated gaming consoles to advanced conference room technologies, give us a call today and let Integrated Smart Technologies take your space into the future.

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