When Cloud Logic Gets Stormy, Local Automation Remains Reliable


There's been a lot of talk in recent years about "the cloud" and how it can make life easier and allow control of your home devices from anywhere. But a lot of people don't fully understand how it works. We have a hunch that local automation logic will continue to dominate home automation despite the advances in cloud logic. Here's why:

Home Automation Isn't Just About Control

Home automation isn't just about controlling your devices; it's about how the devices work together so that the tap of one button will cause all of the devices to trigger simultaneously. Triggering one device will cause the other devices to trigger. For example, you press play for your movie, and the shades go down, the lights dim, and the speakers turn on.

Cloud Logic Isn't "Automation"

When your "home automation" is controlled through cloud logic, you press a button on your phone, the command is sent out to the cloud, processed, and then sent to your home. However, since the commands are being processed in the cloud, there is not a unity. Each command does not automatically trigger the other associated devices. Each command would be controlled by a separate app, causing you to open each one in order to control all of your devices, thus removing the actual "automation" component.

Some manufacturers are working on a solution to unify the applications by creating partnerships allowing one application that would talk to each device.

When Internet is Down, So is Cloud Logic

Because automation with cloud logic is controlled through the internet, when the internet goes down, everything stops working. You can still use the devices manually, but that defeats the purpose installing the features in the first place.

Control4 Home Automation Keeps Working When Your Internet Doesn't

Control4 systems, one of the systems we use at iST, is built around the local automation concept. It uses a ZigBee mesh network which continues to function even when your local internet service provider doesn't. If you put in the money for home automation, you expect it to work all of the time. With local automation, it does.

If you're interested in integrating automation services in your home, give us a call today at iST to discover the best solution for you.

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