Avoid Control Clutter and Simplify Home Automated Systems

Home Automation

You're seeing more TV ads these days for remotes to control functions in you home. Maybe you're even thinking it may It may be a good idea to get a remote to set your thermostat, and a special app on your mobile for your garage door. Maybe a different control for a lamp, yet another app for your oven, and on, and on.

When you have separate controls for each function, you just end up with control clutter. And it gets worse, such as controlling your entertainment system with a new set of equipment that comes with additional wires and remotes.

Rather than simplifying your life, all these controls complicate it as you search for the right app to turn on the lights - or was it a remote?

It's not what we at Integrated Smart Technologies call home automation. For us, automation means helping make your home life simple, getting rid of the clutter and putting you in control rather than having a myriad of remotes and apps control you.

There's a reason our first name is Integrated. We integrate all your household functions into a single control system from Control4. You choose how integrated the system is with your home.  A single system can control a home alarm system, thermostat, and lighting. Do you wish to add a camera to see who's at the front door? We can do that. Do you want to add control of your oven? No problem. Perhaps you need your entertainment system to provide different music in separate rooms, modern pop in your teenager's room, smooth jazz in the living room, and music for tweens in the downstairs recreation room. We can do that, and so much more.

How do you get to control it all? That's where our middle name comes in. The smart control system we install from Control4 allows you to control any function from anywhere in the home, or from anywhere with your mobile phone. iST can install discreet wall panel controls that can control lights in your room, or if you're turning in for the night, touch one button on the panel and the system can lock the doors, turn hallway lights to dim and the rest of the lights off, turns down the thermostat and makes sure the stereo and oven are off and the alarm system is one. Oh, it also lets you know if you left the refrigerator door ajar. That's smart, and simple.

Simplicity is the key to an elegant solution. It is the elegant solution we offer for you to control your home. If you're looking to automate the functions in your home, you can buy a series of one-function systems and the remotes that come with it, or you can integrate all those functions into one smart control. Call at Integrated Smart Technologies at 888.774.7627  to find out how.

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