Simplifying Your Control4 Home Automation Systems

Home Automation System

Having a fancy remote specific to some of your home automation systems and an app for the next can get really overwhelming, cluttered, and confusing. The whole point of having a home automation system is to simplify your life, but when you have all of these controls you have to remember the functions for, it makes everything a bit more complicated. Home automation should put you in control, not make you feel out of control.

It's important that a smart home company is well-versed in integrating all of your household automation functions into a central control system. What's great about using technology companies like Control$ is that a single system can easily be controlled via a single a device. This can include your alarm system, lighting, curtains, thermostat and so much more. We can go as far to have different music playing through wall or ceiling speakers in different rooms.

Smart control systems by Control4 give you the ability to control every function no matter where you're at in your home or elsewhere from your cell phone. Beyond that, if you prefer, instead of having a bunch of handheld remote controls, discreet wall controls can be installed throughout your home. The same control panel can turn off or dim lights, lock doors, turn down the thermostat, make sure necessary appliances and equipment are turned off, and even alert you if any doors are ajar.

At Integrated Smart Technologies, we are dedicated to being the very best at designing and installing systems that turn a regular home into a smart home. Our team is deeply passionate about automated systems and has unparalleled experience in the Jackson and Kalamazoo areas. If you have been considering moving forward and using technology to turn your home into a smart home, contact us today!

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