Dolby Atmos Brings a New Dimension in Sound to Your Home


You may have heard the immersive Dolby Atmos(r) audio system if you went to see a movie in the Chicago or Detroit area since 2012. It is the latest in Dolby's efforts that began decades ago to move away from the left/right speakers of stereo and into true surround sound. Dolby Atmos travels to another dimension to envelop you in sound that comes from all directions, including from above.

Now you don't have to wait until Dolby Atmos comes to a theater near you. Integrated Smart Technologies can install the advanced audio system into your own home. Whether you use it in your living room with a large flat-panel TV, or go for the full effect with a fully equipped home theater, the Dolby Atmos audio lets you fully experience movies in a way you've never heard before.

What Is Dolby Atmos?

Where a two-channel stereo system creates a holographic space when watching a movie, all the sound still arrives from in front of the viewer. A 5.1- and 7.1-channel surround-sound system draws you more deeply into the onscreen action. A 5.1 system has left, right and center speakers in front, with left and right side speakers to give the surround sound effect.

A 7.1 system adds left and right rear speakers for a more complete surround sound. The ".1" in these designations stand for a sub-woofer or low-frequency effects speaker.

Dolby Atmos takes you higher by adding speakers above the viewer.  Two additional height channels creates a a 5.1.2 or 7.1.2 system. Atmos also can come with four height channels, designated 5.1.4 or 7.1.4. The height speakers can be mounted on the ceiling or you can use Atmos-enabled stand-mounted speakers.

Sound Design for Your Home Theater

With all that sound coming from all dimensions, how do you make it all sound right? By letting us hear from you.

The expert staff at Integrated Smart Technologies can advise you on the audio and video equipment best suited for the space in which you plan to use Dolby Atmos. We can integrate your entertainment system with Control4 automation to give you ultimate control of your home theater, from the sound and video to the lights, the air conditioning, and even the popcorn machine, if you want.

But iST can take it even further than that. With that much sound coming out from seven to 11 speakers around the viewing and listening space, you need an acoustically tuned room to hear the full impact of Dolby Atmos. If a room is too "live" so that you hear a ringing when you clap your hands, it can muddle the effects for the surround sound. The materials on the walls and floor, even the furniture can affect the acoustics.

Our staff can not only install your complete home theater system with Dolby Atmos, we can design your home theater's decor with comfort and acoustics in mind. Finally, we'll place the speakers in just the right positions so you hear the full impact from the latest dimension in audio systems.

Call iST and let us begin to design your home theater space with Dolby Atmos, making it as simple or immersive as you wish. All you need to do is bring the popcorn.

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