Perfect Your Restaurant & Bar with a Control4 System


If you own a restaurant and/or bar without the convenience of a Control4 system, then you know the difficulties of making sure your TV's are showing your customers what they want to watch. Whether it's the big game or the local news, everybody has their preferences on what they want to see, and a Control4 system makes it easier for you to help them.

Please every crowd

When you have early birds who want the news or weather, a midday crowd that wants to watch SportsCenter, and an evening crowd that wants to watch their game, a Control4 system provided by Integrated Smart Technologies makes the transition throughout the day easy. Pre-programmable and simple to manage, a Control4 system can change the channel for you without you ever having to touch a remote. And, if someone requests something other than your lineup of channels, changing on your Control4 system is a breeze.

More than just the TV

As nice as it is to be able to be in control of you channels throughout the day in one convenient location, with a Control4 system, you may also have complete control over your lights, music, blinds, signage, temperature, and more! Control4 systems give you full ownership over every aspect of your business, so you can make the environment perfect no matter what time of day. Each of these features, like TV channels, is also pre-programmable, so, if you are satisfied with a setup, you never have to worry about altering the settings again.

Integrated Smart Technologies is one of the few select Platinum Dealers of Control4 systems in Michigan and the only one outside of Detroit with multiple locations in Jackson and Kalamazoo. With such a wide-reaching area, iST is ready and capable of installing and helping you with your Control4 system needs. If you are interested in taking the next step to improving your home or business, call Integrated Smart Technologies today!

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