Welcome Business Guests with Smart Control Systems

Control Systems

If you want your professional business to greet guests and maintain the best possible service to everyone who visits, a smart control system can give you the resources you need. From your sitting room to meeting rooms, a Control4 smart system will make sure your business provides potential clients with a comfortable setting. The total environment control offered by Integrated Smart Technologies makes sure you are in control of how your office feels every day you use it.

Warm welcome

When guests come in to your office, you want them to be comfortable while they wait, and, with a Control4 system, you can prep your sitting area every morning you come in with the simple touch of a button. The smart control systems offered by Integrated Smart Technologies allow you to set a temperature, lighting, music, or tv channels all from a single button. By making presets for your office, you can have the perfect setup available, easy-to-use, and readily available every time you come in.

Simple setup

When Integrated Smart Technologies sets up your smart control systems, we make the entire process easy for you. We can create the presets for you so all you must do is turn the system on when you get home. Otherwise, you can go into the smart control systems yourself and change everything you need to or set up your own preset. This is especially useful for special times of the year like the holidays.

Customer service guaranteed

After your system is installed, if you encounter any issues, or need assistance in maintaining or creating a new control system setup, Integrated Smart Technologies' team is here for you. Our experts are always ready and willing to help you create the perfect environment to welcome guests to your business.

Operating under the brand Integrated Smart Technologies since 2005, you know that IST has the capabilities, technology, and experience to best help your business. Through total control systems, you can improve your business environment today!

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