Throw the Perfect Party with Home Control Systems

Control Systems

Planning a big party can be stressful, but, with home control systems installed, managing your guests and keeping your party lively has never been easier. Like a personal assistant, your smart home technology will help you along every step of the way to make sure that your party doesn't have any hang-ups as the night goes on.

Party prepping made easy

When preparing the food for your party, smart home control systems has the tools to make sure you get everything perfect. With Integrated Smart Technologies, we can install one-touch buttons for lighting presets, so all the lights you need for prepping, cooking, and dining with your guests are at your fingertips. With appliance communication, you can even tell your fridge you're having a party so it makes more ice, or have your oven let you know it's finished preheating from anywhere in your home.

See what guests have arrived

With smart home control systems, you don't even need to leave the kitchen to let your guests in the house. With video intercom systems, you can see when your guests arrive and let them in, all from your kitchen. So, if you're in the middle of chopping some veggies or preparing your main course, you can continue your work in the kitchen and let your guests in all at the same time.

Lighting and music to fit the mood

Your control over lighting extends beyond the kitchen to your entire home. If you want to set mood lighting for your dinnertime, conversation, or drinks, you can do so with the simple touch of a button. This goes for your party's music as well. You can make your playlist, set specific times for songs to play, and your control system will take care of the rest.

Operating under the name of Integrated Smart technologies since 2005, iST is the best place to go for all your smart home needs. With experience creating everything smart home related from home theater systems to multi-room music and entertainment systems, you won't find a better company around.

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