Restaurant Automation: Designed To Be As Smart As You

restaurant automation at your fingertips

At its best, a restaurant is like a home away from home, except more fun for your visitors. While you and your staff do the entertaining, the customers gets to kick back and have a great time. When iST installs smart technology everyone benefits - your staff, your clientele, and especially you.

Set Up For A Great Day. Smart technologies can control lighting, heating and cooling, audio visual, and security from a touch pad or a touch screen. Of course, throughout the day you'll need some of these elements to change, and having preset scenes can automate these changes. When staff arrive in the morning they'll need security turned off, doors unlocked, and relevant music and softer lighting. Early visitors might want the news or weather on, or fast paced music to get them going with a cup of your finest coffee. With commercial control systems, your staff can get right to the business of serving customers without the distraction of dealing with multiple systems.

Fuel For The Whole Day. Work day or weekend, when the mid-day scene rolls around and people come in for a bite to eat and a break, restaurant automation is working in the background to make their experience better. Lights on full, environmental controls keeping the temperature just right, and audio visual easy for you or your staff to adjust to whatever clients are in the mood for, you'll get everyone ready for the rest of the day.

Finish Full Force Until Closing Time. Whether it's game night or just a good time to get rowdy, evenings mean turning up the sound while the lights go down. Your evening scene may call for different events on different screens - which need to have the flexibility to be changed without too much training for staff. From MMA to the Tour de France, you want to accommodate your guests.

iST will help you set all of these scenes and either train you to make adjustments to schedules or come out and get everything fine-tuned. When you shut down at the end of the day, you can easily turn off all of the lights, lock doors, set the thermostat for energy savings, and leave knowing your restaurant automation saves you the hassle of remembering all of these systems throughout the day. When you walk away you know your business is secure and ready for tomorrow. 

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