Smart Homes Make Life Easier While You’re In Them – And When You’re Not


Control4 smart home users love the convenience of controlling their home with their mobile phone or keypad. When you're returning home it's great to be able to unlock doors and light up your space. What's also great is that you can take that luxury with you on vacation. Your home can appear to be lived in with "mockupancy" and you can monitor and control access to your house remotely. Take advantage of all of the security and savings your smart home provides even when you're not in it.

Ingenuity With "Mockupancy" Security Features

The latest version of the Control4 O added new "mockupancy" features. It can record your daily routines and play them back while you're away. Set the automated lighting to turn on the lights or cue up your favorite playlist; your home can appear occupied even when you're thousands of miles away. The security system will send you notifications if a door or window has been accessed, and will record security incidents. If necessary, you'll have access to a searchable event log. Checking a remote security panel is easier than trying to remember if you locked up that side-back-garage door.

Easy and Intuitive For Guests

You may need to give access to your home while you're away. There's no need to hide a key under the mat when you have smart home security. You can unlock doors, turn on exterior lighting, and adjust thermostats before people arrive. Another reason to love this smart home technology is the easy, intuitive interface that guests easily adapt to. Instead of puzzling over a pile of tv and audio remotes they can easily control multiple devices from one interface without complicated explanations. They can even pair their music to the system if they want.

Contact Integrated Smart Technologies today. Whether you're home or not, we can get your smart home technology working for you.

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