Control4 Introduces Innovative New Square Wireless Lighting Products

Automated Lighting

Control4 recently announced the release of a new line of intelligent Square Wireless Lighting products. This new line expands upon their current custom - and retrofit - products and provides customers with additional options to light their smart home.

The line, comprised of a wireless dimmer, wireless keypad and wireless switch allow users to remotely control their home's lighting via wireless technology. Available in an aesthetically neutral "square," the wallboxes are designed to mesh seamlessly with a massive number of interior design styles. Aiming to increase options for newly constructed homes and homes being retrofitted with smart technology, Control4 wants to make it easy for homeowners to reap the benefits of automated lighting.

The Square Wireless Lighting products accomplish this goal by offering an impressive range of keypad combinations on every dimmer and switch. As a result, users can customize and configure the system so that it provides exactly the features that they desire. Want to remember a specific level of dimmed lighting? Or maybe schedule lighting increases after dusk? Square Wireless Lighting products can help! Designed to fully automate and simplify your lighting preferences, the products put complete control in the palm of your hand.

At Integrated Smart Technologies, our staff has held a deep interest in entertainment and automated systems for years. With a wealth of experience in setting up the area's best smart homes, we can help you create a stunning family room, a breathtaking media center or an automated kitchen. We can even work with you to recreate a genuine cinematic experience in your own home theater. Whether you want automated lighting, a massive 4K television, smart security features or wireless control of your home, our team can introduce you to the products that your home needs.

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