Customize Control4 Lighting Scenes

Automated Home Lighting

One of the key advantages of a Control 4 home automation system is the ability of a home owner to adjust lighting in a room, several rooms or the whole house at the touch of an onscreen button. We emphasize to our customers at Integrated Smart Technologies is their ability to customize their settings to whatever degree of lighting they want, down to the levels of each lamp or light fixture.

We've found that the preset levels in Lighting Scenes is one of the most popular features for our customers. Most people have a "Cook" scene to set kitchen lighting to just the way you like it when you're preparing a meal. A "Goodnight" scene can turn off every light in the house except for dim hallway night lights and outside security lights, or whatever set of lights you want on and off during the night.

Customization of these settings is left to you. If you discover the perfect setting for a quiet evening with a few friends, you can save those levels with a new light scene. Or if a previously saved scene isn't quite right, you can easily edit the scene directly from your Control4 touch screen if you're running Control4 OS 2.3 or later. Here's all you have to do.

Adding a Lighting Scene:

  1. From your Control4 touch screen, under Lighting, select Scenes to allow you to view or edit your current lighting scenes, or All to view or edit settings for all your lights and scenes.
  2. Open the system's edit mode by by selecting the pencil icon. Once in that mode, select Create New.
  3. Select the room or rooms you wish to include in the lighting scene, then select Next.
  4. In the new screen that shows the light in the selected rooms, set the level of each light, then select Next. Or if you set the light levels earlier and decided you were satisfied with the result, select Learn to save the current levels as a new scene.
  5. An keyboard appears on screen to let you type in a name for the new scene. Select Done, then select Save.

That's all there is to it. Your new lighting scene is added to your touch screen controls. Editing an existing scene is even simpler. Editing a Lighting Scene 1. In lighting, again select Scenes or All. 2. Select the pencil icon in the right corner, opening edit mode. 3. Choose the scene you want, and select Edit. 4. Change light levels, add more lights or remove others. Select Next, then Save Now you're ready to select the lighting scene you want: soft lighting for a quiet, romantic interlude, a couple of lights highlighting a table for family game night, or all lights full on for an after-party cleanup, all with one touch of your Control4 Screen.

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