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Smart Homes Make Life Easier While You’re In Them – And When You’re Not


Control4 smart home users love the convenience of controlling their home with their mobile phone or keypad. When you're returning home it's great to be able to unlock doors and light up your space. What's also great is that you can take that luxury with you on vacation. Your home can appear to be lived in with "mockupancy" and you can monitor and control access to your house remotely. Take advantage of all of the security and savings your smart home provides even when you're not in it.

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Control4 Introduces Innovative New Square Wireless Lighting Products

Automated Lighting

Control4 recently announced the release of a new line of intelligent Square Wireless Lighting products. This new line expands upon their current custom - and retrofit - products and provides customers with additional options to light their smart home.

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Customize Control4 Lighting Scenes

Automated Home Lighting

One of the key advantages of a Control 4 home automation system is the ability of a home owner to adjust lighting in a room, several rooms or the whole house at the touch of an onscreen button. We emphasize to our customers at Integrated Smart Technologies is their ability to customize their settings  to whatever degree of lighting they want, down to the levels of each lamp or light fixture.

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