Save On Costs with Advanced Climate Control

Advanced Climate Control

Temperatures have been getting colder and colder outside, but you can fight the frigid winter with an advanced climate control system from Integrated Smart Technologies. We specialize in making sure every aspect of your home is automated perfectly for your lifestyle, and, by controlling your environment during periods of extreme temperatures, you can live comfortably and save yourself on some of the typical costs that come with combating the cold.

Control4 systems

At IST, we like to give options for your advanced climate control, and it comes in the form of what Control4 has to offer in terms of your authority over your home. You can, like the rest of your home automation, set up a handheld or mobile device to be able to affect the temperature of your home. You can also get a wireless thermostat from Control4 that gives you a better user-interface to give you full-access to your home climate control options.

Live comfortably

By programming your thermostat with advanced climate control options, you can save yourself discomfort this winter by adjusting temperatures at sundown and sunrise. We typically tend to sleep better when our environment is colder, and you'll be warm under blankets and sheets anyway, so you can lower room temperatures before bed and raise them again in the morning. Whenever you're about to get home from work, you can also program your home to heat up a little before-hand, so that you walk in to a cozy temperature.


Because you can program your smart home technology to heat and cool your home during specific parts of the day, you can easily save yourself on costs. Rather than leave the heat on all day while you're gone, you can adjust your advanced climate control to only turn on while you're home and turn off when you typically leave. You can not only live more comfortably, but you will also lower your monthly bill.

Integrated Smart Technologies has been helping homeowners find the perfect automated solutions for years. With the perfect technology and experience to improve your home, see what options we have available for you today!

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